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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about The Webcaster Gun â„¢ that are not covered below, or you are having troubles with our product, please, feel free to CONTACT us.

What size of air compressor do I need?

We recommend an air compressor with at least 4 CFM at 90psi. It must have an air tank, and airbrush compressors will not work.

What if my compressor is smaller than 4 CFM, but has a tank?

You can use it with the Webcaster, however you will only be able to web a little at a time. As a result of the small compressor, every so often you will have to stop webbing and let the compressor build up pressure before starting again.

Will the webbing come off?

The webbing is removable from most surfaces with out much effort. However, the webbing does stick to glass and plastic making it harder to remove. If you use a citrus based solvent with a rag, the webbing will come off of glass and plastic. The webbing will also stick to carpet, please put down newspaper or something to cover the carpet while spraying. You may remove the newspaper after spraying.

Is it okay to spray this inside?

The Webcaster is designed to be used outside, ie… front porches, garages, yards. If you choose to use this inside please be careful what you spray. Test an inconspicuous area first.

My gun doesn’t spray after I put an entire stick in it?

The Webcaster Gun has a large heat chamber that requires almost two sticks to fill. You will not see any webbing coming out of the gun until the heat chamber is filled. Continue to put sticks through the gun until the liquid webbing begins to flow out.

How do I store the gun for the next season?

Simply unplug the gun and let it cool. The gun will be ready to use again next year.

The webbing won’t spread across a room or door way?

Try stringing fishing line up in the area you would like to spray. The fishing line acts as a good base for the webbing to build upon.