The Webcaster Gun II 1 Pound Combo Kit

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The Webcaster Gun II Proffessional Cobwebbing System Now Available In A Combo Kit. This Kit Includes Webcaster Gun II (The Shop Vacuum Version) Our Newest Version, And One Pound of Clear Webcaster Sticks. This Set Up Will Allow You To Create The Most Realistic Fake SpiderWebs. The Only Other Thing You Will Need Is A Shop Vacuum With A Blower Port This Kit Will Give You That Natural Look That Will Leave Your Cobwebs Looking So Real That Only Spiders Can Tell The Difference .

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Webcaster Gun II One Pound Combo Kit

Includes Webcaster Gun II and 1 Pound of Clear Webcaster Sticks

If you want an amazing and realistic spider web for your next gathering. The Webcaster Gun II is the perfect tool! You will quickly create an atmosphere that will make a fun, festive and “spooktacular” scene that everyone will love!!

The NEW Webcaster Gun II is the Ultimate cobwebbing gun. This new gun harnesses the air power from the blower port of any shop vacuum. It produces the same great effects as the original gun, just without the lag time of the air compressor. Sprays approximately 1.5 pounds of webbing per hour.

Easy to Use
Professional Results
Easy to Clean Up
The Following are needed to create great spiderwebs:

The Webcaster Gun II
Webcaster Sticks
Any size Shop Vacuum with Blower Port and 1.25″ hose.